Matchory Team

Nils Liskien

Co-Founder & Product Lead

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About me

Hello, my name is Nils. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved creating things through the creative process. School went by the way. I probably spent most of my time there drawing. After graduation, I becamea carpenter and got involved with professional manufacturing. The excitement of first ideas on paperto the realization through good craftsmanship led me to study industrial design /product design. Myconviction that our way of thinking about products and their life cycle has to change to a moresustainable one was the reason for me to found Matchory after my studies. Here I saw the opportunityto positively impact not only a handful of products and their design, but to be able to transform theentire world of manufacturing and thus increase my leverage.

My responsibilities & a typical working day as a CPO at Matchory?

Today I am still working on the creative front, responsible for product design and the strategic direction of the company. What I love about my work is the challenge of the abstract entrepreneurial perspective on the one hand, and solving concrete problems on the product level on the other. One day I'm trying to make the entire company and its influences understandable on a few slides, the next I'm processing customer feedback and developing prototypes in Figma.

Activities that make me loose track of time

The constant will to improve. For hours I can wallow in my thoughts (unfortunately, this works best at night; at some point I can no longer fall asleep) and rack my brain over the problems that still need to be solved. Then, when I have the idea that I think, "The solution is so simple, why didn't you think of it sooner?" - I know that the sleep deprivation was worth it.

My perfect weekend

So many things. Being in nature, doing sports or handicrafts. I love variety.

My favourite quote

"The car is a temporary phenomenon. I believe in the horse."

For me, the car represents a functioning circular economy that few people believe in.