Our Vision

We strive to create a level of transparency that enables companies and consumers to make sustainable decisions.  


Product Owner

Nils Liskien

Industrial Designer, responsible for Front End Development, Design and UX.

Believes in a functioning circular economy

Managing Director

Aiko Wiegand

Industrial Engineer, in charge of strategic development, operations and sales.

Ready for supply chain transformation

Technology Specialist

Martin Konradi

Back End Developer. Specialist for database architecture, search technologies and machine learning.

Has been programming since he was 12 years old.

Our Mission

Transparency as a driver...

...for Innovation

We remove the barriers of complex supplier search by increasing transparency to create more room for innovation.

...and sustainable development

We are developing a solution that empowers buyers and consumers to make more sustainable purchasing decisions by collecting and providing information along the supply chain.

What has happened so far...

Database & Technology

Our technology is based on the evaluation of large amounts of data by smart algorithms according to our own developed evaluation system.

Collecting and structuring data

Preparation and structure

Develop and optimize search

Make data searchable

Develop evaluation of suppliers

Universal evaluation of suppliers

Proof of Concept

Pilot projects with companies from different industries have confirmed our assumptions and demonstrated impressive potential.

Reduce production costs

Savings of 10-30% of production costs through better supplier selection

Compare more suppliers

Comparing 100x more suppliers improves analysis results

Achieve faster results

50-85% faster time to market through automated comparison

Product launch

Our software includes execution of custom sourcing projects, as well as access to our supplier database.

More than 5 million suppliers

Worldwide comparison of suppliers for all product categories

+200,000 companies per month

More than 200,000 companies regularly use our database for the strategic supplier search

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