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We work with manufacturers that exactly fit your products‘ requirements. The experience and technology of specialized manufacturers leads to a higher product quality and the best prices.

We find your most suitable manufacturer.

Our database contains over 300 Mio sets of verified information on over 1,5 Mio suppliers.
We know which clients a manufacturer has already cooperated with and which products he specializes in.
We introduce you to the manufacturer who is mostly experienced with your product.
What's verified data?

Get professional support during your production.

Our procurement teams in China and Germany support you at every stage of the procurement process.
Our experts know everything about successful productions.
We help from negotiating prices to the shipping of your goods.
Step-by-step Process

Fast and safe production processing.

The automated comparison of manufacturers and our streamlined processes cut procurement time by an average of 32,6%.
Verified information helps us identify those manufacturers who have proven reliable in the past because we know their former customers and repeat orders.

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