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Matchory manages your production from inquiry to delivery.
We find the most suitable manufacturer for your product using our sourcing software.
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Sourcing has never been easier.



1. Inquiry

Simply send us your product information via our inquiry form.


2. Factory Identification

We automatically compare millions of factories and identify the best ones for you.


3. Result / Production

Start your production yourself or let us manage the entire process for you.


What our customers say.


Thomas Albiez

AMZ Seller and Owner of

Lukas Mankow

AMZ Seller & Entrepreneur

Christoph Holbein

CEO at Sport Sohn Handel GmbH & Co.KG

What makes us different?


Automated Factory Comparison

A detailed sourcing process saves you cash money on production and managing costs. Big companies employ their own teams and agencies - we've automated the process for the first time in history and made the best possible sourcing affordable for you!

Your custom production!


Product Sourcing

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a private label product or you want to have an innovation made.





OEM Productions

We're experienced in OEM productions. Whatever it is, we will make your ideas come true!




Production Management

Our experts take care of the communication and ensure that you get the most out of the price negotiations.



Quality Management

We do sample checks on site and take care of the necessary certifications.





You want to have your product custom packed? No problem, we find the perfect solution!




We'll find the fastest and cheapest shipping option for you!



Why choose our Full Service?


Highest product quality

Our selected manufacturers meet the highest production standards.

Reduced production costs

We save an average of 32,6% on production costs.

time saving process

We compare millions of factories simultaneously and save 95% of sourcing time. 


How it works.


> 1 Mio Factories

There are more than a million factories in the world.


Factory Selection

We identify all possible manufacturers that specialize in your product.


data evaluation

We rank each manufacturer according to over 300 million records.



We identify the factories that best fit your product.


Start Sourcing Now!

Let us find your most suitable manufacturer or handle the entire procurement for you!

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