Digitize & accelerate
your sourcing process

Strategic sourcing is time-consuming and complex. Matchory helps you automate this process by using the latest technologies to get the most out of your supplier search. This way, buyers are able to reduce time to market.

Search &

Find relevant suppliers worldwide at the touch of a button using the latest technology and intelligent live search.

Analyse &

In-depth market information and transparent supply chains help you make the right decisions.

Collaborate & Manage

Standardised workflows simplify your processes and provide secure and complete documentation.

A short introduction into our live search

This is how you will find suitable suppliers automatically at the touch of a button:

Describe the perfect supplier based on your search criteria.

Search through 90% of all relevant manufacturers worldwide in one central database.

In the first step, you describe the target supplier using predefined search criteria. What products or services does your sought-after supplier offer? Are there manufacturing processes or technologies that describe the perfect supplier? All this information is included in the keyword analysis in the first step.

Identify similar contractors with the help of known suppliers.

Use the latest technology to find less obvious companies.

You can select suitable suppliers that are already known to you. Using the existing data points, we create a data-based model about the named supplier. This model is compared with the entire database in order to recognise similar structures and identify similar suppliers. In this way, you receive suitable suggestions that match your ideas.

Receive and browse supplier pool.

A collection of global supplier suggestions that match your description.

You'll receive a pool of suppliers that includes the world' s most suitable suppliers for your product. With the help of various filters such as location, HS codes, keyword suggestions, customers or employees, you can search through 90% of all available information on suppliers worldwide.

Identify suitable suggestions and add them to your longlist.

Create your individual longlist.

Suitable suppliers can simply be added to the supplier selection. You can add suppliers to different phases in order to keep the selection process clear and structured.

Continuously record, evaluate and analyse suppliers.

Matchory creates transparency within global supply chains and provides strategic sourcing with an automated supplier search. With the help of Big Data and state-of-the-art technology, supplier data is aggregated worldwide, processed and compiled in a unique database. Through intelligent search algorithms and artificial intelligence, the search is permanently optimised and adapted to the user. 

Our goal is to help organisations generate maximum value through autonomous procurement. Strategic sourcing needs to be efficient, resilient and sustainable. Ever-increasing complexity in terms of parts, suppliers and supply chains, as well as a lack of internal and external data transparency, require novel solutions to achieve competitive advantage. The unique Matchory database offers you the world's largest, public supplier discovery solution with over 10 million supplier profiles. 

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