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Moritz Friedrich

Head of Software Engineering

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About me

Hi! I’m Moritz Friedrich, a software developer from Munich. I’m 27 years old, responsible forMatchory’s systems architecture, and actually wanted to study photography before stumbling intocoding pretty much by accident. Previously, I’ve been leading the API engineering team over at MessengerPeople, another Munich-based startup facilitating professional communication via messaging apps. In that role, I was responsible for developing the overarching messaging system thatrouted hundreds of thousands of chat messages between businesses and their customers, all over theworld, every day. Ever since, I’m fascinated by building efficient and scalable solutions to big dataproblems.

My responsibilities & a typical working day as a Software Architect at Matchory

After joining Matchory as the first employee, I’ve built the technical foundation of our products, backend management applications, dashboards, integrations with external systems, and the like. As our team grew, I could focus on conceptual tasks, like planning out the large-scale infrastructure, designing a flexible data architecture, or integrating machine learning systems. Going ahead, I will make sure our systems stay fast, reliable, and secure.

Usually, the first thing I do is head to the gym early in the morning, followed by a sauna session, finishing off with a nice cup of coffee - I can’t imagine a better way to start the day! Actual workbegins around 9am at home for me: I’m the most creative between 9am and 1pm, so that’s when I tryto do all my high-focus, code-related tasks. After lunch, I head to our office and continue working on lighter tasks: Meetings, planning, researching, experimenting. For the most part, I’m done before6pm, although I sometimes get absorbed in my work and forget about the clock altogether.

The most fascinating part of my job is the huge variety of challenges in different problem domains: I get to work on heaps of interesting things, all day, every day - sometimes way outside of my comfortzone. One day I’ll try to speed up the time it takes to get new versions of our app into customers’ hands, the next I’m processing hundreds of millions of freight shipping records to learn about changesin production levels across the world. It just never gets boring!

Activities that make me loose track of time

I’m a problem addict. If I happen to find an interesting challenge, a promising new technology, or an aspect I’ve never considered before, I’m hooked. While figuring out solutions, I sometimes end up in a state of deep concentration, working for hours without noticing. That’s one of the perks of my job: I actually get paid for doing the thing I enjoy most!

My perfect weekend

I’m generally a very active person and use weekends to go on bicycle rides, or hikes in the mountains; but I also enjoy cooking, going out with friends, reading books, or occasionally gaming.

My favourite quote

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.

Steve Jobs said a lot of smart things, but this one definitely resonates with me. I’ve learned to go my way, and do it with confidence. At Matchory, I got the opportunity to work on something that I both enjoy and deeply care about