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Marcel Möbus

Software Engineer

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About me

Hi, I’m Marcel. I am a software engineer from Frankfurt. Before joining Matchory, I co-founded a software company with two fellow students in the supply chain sector, where I served as CTO. While gaining insights into various companies from startup to a large bank, I found my passion for software development apart from university.

My responsibility as a Software Engineer at Matchory is further developing our application, currently most of the time on the frontend. Apart from features and bug fixes, that involves creative thinking, conceptualising and intense exchange with my teammates, mostly Stefan.

The frontend is in my opinion an interesting and crucial part of software, where you can pour concepts, designs and data into visual structures to make all of it come to life. But I also enjoy understanding and working on all parts of an application from frontend, to middleware and interfaces to data storage and its surrounding infrastructure as a whole.

One of the best parts of a job should always be the team, and that is the case here. All teammates I get to work with at Matchory not only are helpful and kind, but highly professional and driven by Matchory’s vision. This creates a very rewarding working and learning environment both on an interpersonal and technical level.

What I also like is the professional way people at Matchory do their job while still having fun. The various code bases for our apps and services, for example, excite me every single day because on the one hand they are so professionally written and follow best practices to the core, but sometimes contain unforeseen easter eggs in code comments on the other hand.

A typical working day for me as a Software Developer at Matchory

I start my day with some sports activity most days of the week. The wellbeing after sports and the morning hours as such are perfect for me to focus on the most important tasks of the day. In the afternoon, I spend time on creative tasks or such with lower cognitive effort. I find it important to always learn something new, so I sometimes take the chance to do so in the afternoon.

Activities that make me loose track of time

Being in nature and, of course, coding.

My perfect weekend

Being active, best in nature.

My favorite quote

I like several quotes, but there currently is no quote that I can call favourite.