Understand supply chains, find and evaluate suppliers.

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Assess supplier specialization

Get an overview of the exports from suppliers to customers. Find out what products a supplier specializes in.

Analyze customer relationships

Make customer relationships of suppliers visible and get a reliable impression to make better decisions.

Search and analyze individual trades

Conduct in-depth research and get a holistic picture of suppliers and their competencies.

Make supply chains visible.

With Matchory you make the flow of goods of companies visible and traceable.

Identify a competitors' suppliers

Our data profiles make competitive analysis easy and understandable. Track competitor supply chains to find new suppliers for your portfolio.

Search and analyze individual trades

Search individual freight information to perform detailed analysis.

Search several million suppliers based on trade data.

Use various search functions and filters to search our supplier database:

  • Cargo describtion
  • HS-Codes
  • Supplier name
  • Competitor
  • Country

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