Matchory Team

Martin Konradi

Co-Founder & CTO

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About me

I am Martin. I've been programming since I was 12 years old. Back then, I first wrote the code on a paper and then typed it into a computer on display in a department store because I didn't have my own yet. But that changed quickly. I like process optimization and automation. I'd rather write a program to get something done than do the same thing twice in a row. That's because I'm very inquisitive and like to try out new technologies to understand them. 20 years ago I wrote crawlers for social media analysis at Complexium GmbH. Then I was co-founder at the startup Knicket / Echtzeiten GmbH: There I crawled the app stores of Google and Apple to build a better app search.

My responsibilities & a typical working day as a CTO at Matchory

As co-founder and CTO of Matchory, I programmed our first proof-of-concept version and theinfrastructure that customers worked with on my own. Now I'm very happy to have handed over all the sub-areas into super qualified hands. Somehow, however, there is still something to do in all corners. I can always live out my automation hobbyhorse to the full here. But I always try to look a bitbeyond the horizon to steer Matchory's technical direction in the right direction in the long term.

Activities that make me loose track of time

I still like to find bugs - that can take hours. But the satisfaction is even greater when the bug isfound...

My perfect weekend

On weekends, I like to work in the garden or build something out of atoms instead of zeros and ones.

My favourite quote

“You can't use an old map to find a new land.”