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Gabriel Avendaño

Software Engineer

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About me

Hey, I‘m Gabriel, I’m 23 years old and I come from a city in the south of Colombia called Neiva. I’m a software developer at Matchory. I have just graduated as a software engineer from my home university in Bogotá, Colombia, and during my career I´ve been interested in Software Architecture by working on an Event-scheduling app and on an app for our university to make it easy for students to find tutors by an assignment which they need academic support. During my bachelor I got the opportunity to study an exchange semester in the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and then did an internship by Cybery, where I worked primary on Backend and database. I was responsible for maintaining and expanding the API REST and Database, while also building complete modules for new features that came along. I was also responsible for data cleaning and data exploring.

At Matchory, I am responsible for a new in-house module that’s designed to improve the quality of our data that we supply to our customers.

I love that I am learning a lot about the architecture of our product every day . It is exciting to learn new technologies of our tech stack. I love the flexibility of our working hours since I can manage my time in the most productive way. Working culture plays a big role, since everybody of the team is helpful and offers to help out. It is not only you vs the assignment but how are we as team are going to do solve a problem.

A typical working day for me as a software developer

I’m an early bird, so normally I wake up at 7 am with ease, I like to read a little bit, then journal and plan what I am going to do on the day. At 9 am I start working on the most challenging task I have, since I can focus and concentrate more in the morning. Afternoons I delegate to easier task like experimenting, answering emails and testing.

Activities that make me loose track of time

Programming: I can easily lose track of time when I am putting in practice an idea or algorithm that I have in my head. I focus when I am following a plan that I think it can work. There an hour feels like 10 minutes.

Life: I can go hours and hours when I am reading either books or articles online about things that interest me like astronomy, world history, technology.

My perfect weekend

I am a pretty social guy, so on weekends I like to meet with friends in restaurants or just relax ourselves in a park. I also enjoy my alone time at the river, so I normally take a long walk or bring my mantel to read on the gras.

I also love to travel. During the last year I´ve visited over 10 countries in Europe, a lot them during weekend trips.

My favorite quote

I find Dylan’s song relaxing and hopeful, they give me energy during uncertain times to give a step forward.