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Anurag Malwade

Business Data Analyst

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About me

Hey! I am Anurag. I am originally from India but have spent nearly the last decade living and studying abroad in the US, Norway, Spain and Germany. While I achieved a BSc. Information Systems at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2018, I have recently finished my CEMS MSc. in International Management focusing on supply chain management at the University of Cologne and ESADE Business School. Naturally, at the end of my education I was looking for opportunities that would enable me to combine the technological and business skills that I developed over my academic career. This is when I met Nils, the co-founder at Matchory in a park in Cologne and in crude terms, I found what I believe to be the perfect match to start my career.

A typical working day as Business Data Analyst at Matchory

As a Business Data Analyst at Matchory, not only will I be actively helping in day-to-day operations, sales and customer success tasks, but also will be completing an individual project that will define the complete customer journey for Matchory as a software tool. During this project my responsibilities will include but not be restricted to creating a client project roadmap, identifying milestones and conversion drivers, check-ins with clients, etc.

Activities that make me loose track of time

As a boulderer since the last 6 years, I can easily spend countless hours bouldering without realizing be in the mountains or at the gym. In addition, as a passionate cook, I tend to spend hours in the kitchen during my free time.

My perfect weekend

In summer this would on the beach doing beach activities and otherwise, it would be a weekend spent with my partner in the mountains or the outdoors in general.

My favorite quote

“Time and tide wait for none!”