Matchory Team

Aiko Wiegand

Co-Founder & CEO

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About me

I am Aiko, Co-Founder of Matchory with a huge passion for creating meaningful software products that can add a positive value to society.

After studying Industrial engineering I planned starting my career as a consultant but came across entrepreneurship through a good friend of mine. We discussed and challenged dozens of ideas over the course of months and finally ended up in Procurement because it showed huge potential for digitization. We then travelled to China several times to visit factories and built a supplier network. From our own experiences we knew how difficult it was to find the right suppliers in an intransparent market. We thought there must be a better way of finding the right suppliers and from that day we couldn’t stop thinking about a databased solution that completely automates the sourcing process.

My responsibilities and a typical working day as CEO at Matchory

As a CEO I am mainly responsible for operations, sales and finance as well as strategic product development. Right now we are hiring key positions in sales and operations that I will more focus on team building, finance and external presentation of the company in near future.

I usually start work at 9 a.m., like to take enough time beforehand, absolutely need a healthy breakfast in the morning (muesli :) ), read the news and then start with emails first. There is no typical daily routine, I usually make a to-do list for the next day the day before and do the individual things between meetings.

In addition to the individual tasks, the greatest privileges for me include working independently and having the freedom to realize own ideas with an outstanding team.

What I find particularly interesting about my job is the variety of tasks and the opportunity to develop and implement creative solutions to complex problems. Of course, the close cooperation with our customers plays an essential role. The productive exchange in order to further develop the product together is particularly fun.

Activities that make me loose track of time

I discovered chess for myself and developed a certain addiction here.

My perfect weekend

I like to be outdoors, meeting friends, do a lot of sports like SUP or playing tennis. In the evening you will find me in a bar or restaurant.

My favorite quote

"Stay hungry, stay foolish" (Steve Jobs)