Find your perfect counterpart - Why not every brand can work with high-class manufacturers

Many young entrepreneurs dream of producing their own brand products, which can keep up with the big names in quality and price. For example, you want to produce your own shoe that has the same quality as a Nike or Adidas sports shoe or even better.

However, such a production is usually based on decades of production experience. Factories that can meet these high standards often work exclusively with large brands and specialize in enormously high volumes and have aligned their entire processes accordingly. Due to the production of large quantities, they reach a very high capacity utilization and are hardly able to accept and postpone smaller productions. The effort is far too high in proportion and they would not be able to make a profit.

An exception can be made when the factory is so strongly convinced of the customer and his product that they make a bet on future success. The factory thus provides an advance, a kind of investment in high production figures in the future. It is therefore extremely important at this point to present yourself professionally to the factory so that they can make this deal.


Otherwise there is the possibility to cooperate with factories that are more specialized in working with small brands. Although they often can't reach the big ones with their production technology and quality, they are a good partner at the beginning and can grow along with your brand and further optimize their processes.


For particularly small quantities, it may even make sense to work with a trader. Traders often have strong relationships with a particular factory and can therefore allow smaller quantities than the factory itself. This is because the trader works exclusively with this factory and bundles productions. In this way, he relieves the factory of a certain amount of management work and in return receives better conditions than an individual customer.


As you can see there are several options when looking for the perfect match between customer and factory partner. However both have to meet at eye level and playing in the same league.