Customized packaging for my products


An attractive packaging is part of a high-quality product. This not only has the function of protecting the product, but is also a successful marketing tool for your product. The right packaging increases the user experience and makes the product appear high-quality. It turns a great product into an unique product..


Meanwhile, there is an incredibly wide range of companies that have specialized exclusively in packaging and offer all types of product packaging. In the following part we will deal with important points regarding customized packaging.



Why an individual packaging for my brand?


The design of an individual packaging offers a fast and cost-effective way to stand out from the competition and support the formation of your own brand. It is much easier to customise packaging, often without the need to produce expensive molds. This enables the company to significantly increase the relationship to the brand and also the visibility in the store.



Advantages of customized packaging:


  • Gives the product an unique selling point
  • Identifies the content
  • Protects the product
  • Improves quality
  • Transports the brands’ image
  • Creates an emotional bond
  • Presents the product


High-quality packaging is often underestimated by many companies. This is a big advantage, especially for start-ups who show how good branding works. The packaging is often what the customer perceives in the store or when opening the package for the first time. It therefore has a considerable influence on the purchase decision and the user experience.


The factory's original packaging is often standardised and makes the product appear boring. In addition, many of their direct competitors are also likely to use standard packaging. By using special packaging you can stand out from the competition and quickly increase the product price by 5% - 10% and sell more products at the same time.



What packaging options do I have for my brand?


It is helpful to divide the packaging into three different types:


Product packaging:

Everything that accompanies the product, such as a box, a label or a sticker.


Shipping packaging:

Anything that protects the product during transport. This includes adhesive tape, shipping labels and shipping packaging.

Example for a proper shipping packaging: outer carton made of 5 layers, inner carton made of 3 layers, wooden freight pallets, plastic protection wrapping the outer cartons, plastic straps holding the cartons together and fixing them to the pallet.



Extras include all goodies, but also business cards, brochures, flyers, return labels and discount codes.


All three types should be considered equally important and help to set you apart from others. They turn a one-time buyer into a returning satisfied customer.



Customize it!


In general, there are hardly any limits to packaging. The easiest way is to print your company logo on standard factory packaging. In most cases, the factories have a choice of various classic packaging options that are intended for the respective product. On request, the factory can also further individualise the packaging and emboss or engrave logos.


When choosing the right packaging, essential questions arise:


  • Does it convey the content of my product correctly?
  • Does the customer have added value?
  • Does it fit in with the rest of my product line?
  • Will people be enthusiastic and take a photo of it?
  • Is all the necessary information for use included?


If you want to create a completely individual packaging another specialised factory is then called in to cooperate with your product manufacturer. In many cases the manufacturer already has a packaging company at hand. Otherwise, it must be found separately and the packaging must be coordinated individually. The subsequent packaging of the product can then take place both at the manufacturer and at the packaging company.



What does individual packaging cost?


Many people assume that customized packaging is very expensive and only works with large order quantities. This is why many brands use the factory's standard packaging. The fact is, however, that individual packaging is cheaper than expected and is worthwhile even for smaller order quantities.


It is true that the minimum order quantities for a complete new packaging are often higher than for the product itself. This is due to the often favourable price. If the finished packaging has a price of 0.3USD, this would be just 150USD for 500 units. After deducting the manufacturing costs and the personnel costs for the coordination, the packaging factory would complain of a loss here. Individual packaging therefore often only starts with a quantity of 3000 units . However, this can also be worthwhile for smaller orders. If necessary, the overproduction can be stored at the manufacturer's and kept ready for subsequent production. To make it as easy as possible for the packaging factory and to convince it, all designs should already be available and as Photoshop file (PSD) and/or CAD model (Learn more).


In order to be able to estimate the costs better, we have selected two examples on the basis of which we show the costs:


Example #1: Use of the original packaging of the factory, which is printed individually. For the print model additional costs of 120 USD will be charged. With a quantity of 1000 units, the fee is the equivalent of 0.12USD per product. Very rewarding when you consider that you can quickly increase the sales price by 1 USD and also increase sales and customer satisfaction.


Example #2: Customized packaging of a specialized packaging factory. As described above, it can happen that the manufacturer does not offer any packaging or only a standard model that does not meet the customer's requirements. In this case, a second factory is called in to supply the packaging. They already have a larger range of possible standard packaging that they can offer, e.g. various bags, boxes or cases that can be printed by the customer. Furthermore, you can also have a completely individual packaging made here. Some examples:


Bag with logo: 0,05 USD, MOQ 3000 pieces

Box with own print: 0,19 USD, from 2000 pcs.

Individual box with own design: 0,45 USD, start at 3000 pieces


These are only a few examples to get a first idea about the costs. There are hardly any limits to the requirements of packaging. Be creative!