5 quick tips for selecting suitable manufacturers


1. Don't be fooled by the pictures and the factories’ self description

It is often the middlemen who know how to present themselves well. They are continously looking for new clients since they are usually unable to keep their customers because of poor quality.

2. A high ranking is not a sign of quality 

Suppliers just pay a lot of money to be listed on platforms. Who pays most will be on top. In addition, manufacturers can be upgraded for a fee for certain keywords. This leads to a battle, which does not depend on product quality at all.

3. Many good manufacturers are not represented on any platform

They prefer working with returning clients and mouth to mouth recommendation.

4. Great manufacturers are specialized for certain products

They are usually the ones who have found a niche in which they have built up their know-how. If, for example, a skateboard factory specializes in the production of decks, it will rarely also produce trucks and offer them in top quality. These are two completely different products. Therefore you should better find two specialized factories in order to obtain the best conditions.

5. Rejections or requests for larger quantities or more details are not necessarily a bad sign

It may even indicate that you are in contact with a real factory. Intermediates often accept all incoming requests and try to trade you the product even if the quality is very low.


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