What is Matchory?

Matchory is composed of the terms "to match" and "factory". It describes the process of matching customers with their most suitable suppliers. Our purpose is to leverage data to achieve the perfect "match" between buyers and suppliers.


The core of Matchory is the comprehensive, constantly growing supplier database. Deep learning models and other technologies help to evaluate and optimize all publicly available data traces. The result of this analysis are digital profiles that make the assessment and evaluation of suppliers efficient and easy.

Search technology

To search this vast amount of information, we designed a complex, multi-stage analysis process to structure and refine the raw data. Using proven, best-in-class technology, we have raised the performance of supplier scouting to a new level.

Automated Data Processing

Manual processes such as researching information, maintaining it in spreadsheets, and comparing suppliers simultaneously are simplified through technology.

More than 8 million vendors and > 10 billion datapoints

The basis for the automated comparison is the structured data basis.

Simultaneous comparison of more information per time unit

Hundreds of millions of data points are considered simultaneously for each search.

Evaluation based on over 50 parameters

Supplier selection is supported by an objective and data-based evaluation.

Evaluation of suppliers

Using smart algorithms, Matchory evaluates the quality of suppliers based on their data. Each supplier profile is based on a variety of information sources.


The "Trustlevel" is the value we assign to suppliers to make their credibility and integrity visible based on collected data points.


The "Matchscore" is the overlap of product requirements with the identified supplier as a percentage value. The greater the overlap, the higher the value.