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Explore more than 8 million suppliers worldwide. With the help of Big Data and artificial intelligence, you will find suitable suppliers within minutes.

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How to create your first supplier longlist within minutes.

Step 1

Create a sourcing request

Using our forms, you define a requirements profile for your sourcing case, which is optimized and enhanced by artificial intelligence.

Step 1

Identification of suitable suppliers by screening more than 10 billion datapoints in real time.

Using intelligent algorithms, our technology identifies those suppliers that have the greatest intersection with the requirements you have defined upfront.

Step 2

Step 2

Receive and evaluate proposals

The result of the data analysis is a list of potential suppliers that perfectly match your requirements. During the complex search, up to 50 different data points can be evaluated and taken into account. You receive in-depth information, such as supply chain insights, for confident decision-making.

Step 3

Customize your longlist

This is where your expertise comes in: every manufacturer has a profile on Matchory. Analyze exactly which suppliers fit best to your company needs and refine your longlist.

Step 3

Why Matchory?

Complete supplier database

We aggregate billions of data points about suppliers and compile them into a unique database

Deep insights

Get deep insights into global supply chains and find out which suppliers other companies are working with.

Save costs

Identify and compare all relevant manufacturers while eliminating costly middlemen. This can result in cost savings of up to 45%.

Smart algorithms

Our complex search uses state-of-the-art search engine technology combined with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Minimize risks

Over 50 different data sources help better evaluate suppliers and reduce supply chain risks. Make the best possible decision when selecting suppliers.

Optimize processes

A holistic comparison through our algorithms enables the comparison of 100x more suppliers per request. This saves your company time and money.

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