Find top manufacturing companies in minutes.

Identify qualified and reliable manufacturers using verified inside information.
Know which companies a manufacturer has already cooperated with and which products they specialize in.

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Verified supplier information helps you find the world's top manufacturing companies.


Historical production data

Verifiable information about manufacturers, their products and customers of the last years.

Previously supplied customers
as a proof of quality

Find manufacturers of established brands for a specific product as well as the satisfaction of existing customers.

Product specialization

Determine which product a manufacturer specializes in.


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Your benefits with Matchory


Higher Product Quality

The data-based comparison enables you to find the most specialized suppliers with the best production qualities.

Trustworthy Production Partners

The usage of independent and verified Information allows you to identify reliable top manufacturing companies easily. 

Save time and money

The automation helps you to save 85% of time and money throughout the entire procurement process.




Joachim Schinkel, Sport 2000 Int.

Business Unit Manager at Sport 2000 International GmbH

Christoph Holbein, Sport Sohn

CEO, Sport Sohn Handel GmbH & Co.KG

Thomas Albiez, AMZ Seller

Owner of

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