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Problems caused by unsuitable suppliers


Lower margins

There are many suppliers that pretend to be manufacturers but work as traders. We know the real ones.

lower quality

Unnecessary middlemen reduce your flexibility and product quality. We take them out.

Long sourcing times

It takes months of searching to find a suitable factory, even for professionals. We‘ve cut it from months to minutes.



Suppliers worldwide


Potential suppliers


Which one is the best?


Our Solution

 Matchory has developed a completely new approach to finding suitable manufacturers for brands and businesses. Based on Big Data and AI, we identify your most suitable production partner within seconds.


Verified Data


Trustworthy Information

Safe productions guaranteed

Manufacturer's Specialization

Production history of manufacturers

Proof of Quality

Based on manufacturer's former clients


Software + AI


Huge Database

> 2 Mio verified manufacturers

Better Selection

We compare all manufacturers simultaneously

Faster Results

Automation speeds up the process


Custom productions made easy


1. Send Product Information

Send us your product information using our forms.

2. Get Product Samples

We find the 3 best manufacturers, order samples and send them directly to you.

3. Start Your Production

Choose your favourite sample and get matched with your most suitable manufacturer.


Success Stories


Fermentation Basket - riijk

Products from high quality materials for your every day use.


Backrelease - Samuel Kempf

Multifunctional massage device in trouser pocket size - a invention.


Lion Man - Museum Ulm

The origin of art - A handpainted souvenir for a museum shop.


What our customers say


Lukas Mankow, AMZ Coach

Amazon Seller, Co-Founder of amzventures.de

Thomas Albiez, AMZ Coach

AMZ Seller and Owner of privatelabeljourney.de

Samuel Kempf, Innovator

Developer of a new innovative massage device, backrelease.de

Your benefits at a glance


Higher Product Quality

The data-based comparison enables us to achieve the best production qualities.

Higher Profit Margins

By selecting suitable manufacturers we can save costs despite higher product quality.

Faster Results

Our approach saves time and money throughout the entire process.


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