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Why Matchory?

No matter which product you want to manufacture. With Matchory you always get your perfect production partner. We find your perfect match out of 1.5 million verified suppliers.

Low prices at highest quality standards

We know exactly what you need: high product quality, great purchasing prices and a safe handling. Get full transparency about the individual process steps and get support from your personal Matchory production expert.

Your custom production in 3 steps.



Product Information

Use our forms to create your project in just a few steps. Provide information about the product and your requirements. Simply upload pictures and files to identify your most suitable supplier.


Factory Selection

Get a list of the most suitable manufacturers for your product. Decide if you want to start your production with our professional support or if you prefer to do the production yourself. 



Start your high quality production yourself or let Matchory save you time and costs. We help you with production management, communication, samples, shipping and much more! Our management service step by step
"Matchory helps me finding the most suitable manufacturers for my products."
Janosch Vongehr, 21 Years
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Don't worry about your production.


Verified Factories Only

Each production partner has been extensively authorized by us based on verified data. Work with experienced and professional manufacturers who specialize in your product.

No More Scam

Your security is extremely important to us. Our data cannot be distorted. We attach great importance to the transparency and objectivity of our information.

Bypass Middlemen

Middlemen raise prices and make communication more difficult. This can lead to a lower product quality. Find the real manufacturers with Matchory!
"We often find suppliers that do not exist on other platforms. This often results in lower purchase prices and better quality."
Lukas Mankow, 22 years
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Save time and money with our management service*

Imagine you don't have to worry about your production anymore and you can completely concentrate on selling your product! With our "managed service" you can let Matchory take over your entire production. We have developed a straightforward process for the efficient handling of your production. Save time and money at the same time. Our management service explained step by step
  • Arrangement of sample production / shipping
  • Avoid middlemen and unnecessary costs
  • Consolidation of services saves you cash money
  • Full personal support during the entire process
  • Full flexibility during production
  • Highest quality standards
* Our management service is an additional bookable option to our product sourcing.

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