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"With Matchory, I was able to turn my innovation into serial production. The product is exactly what I wanted it to be".
Dirk ten Brink, Amazon Seller and owner of riijk.com

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"From Hamburg to the world Inspired by the attitude of our lifes, we are designing styles + products from high quality materials for your every day use"

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We have already arranged over 30 other productions with Dirk

1. Learn about the product

At first, Dirk has created a new project from which we have learned about his requirements.

2. Find the best manufacturer.

Our sourcing experts found the perfect supplier using our AI-driven Search engine.

3. Arrange the production.

Matchory arranged the entire production. From communication, up tp the delivery of the goods.

What endusers
say about our products.

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Higher Profit Margins.

There are many suppliers that pretend to be manufacturers but work as traders. We know the real ones.

No Hassle With The Production.

Unnecessary middlemen reduce your flexibility and product quality. We take them out.

High Product Quality.

It takes months of searching to find a suitable factory, even for professionals. We‘ve cut it from months to minutes.

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