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Get verified information about factories and find your most suitable one with our automated sourcing software.
Find out who produces for your competitors and what a factory specializes in.

validated factories

We have validated information about the world's best factories

Automated sourcing

Our search engine compares all factories based on your request

Time Saving

Our process saves you up to 90% of the sourcing time


We work completely independent from any manufacturers


Find reliable manufacturers easily

Sourcing has never been easier. More than 300 million records with validated information about factories help you identify their specialization. Check which other brands already cooperate with the respective manufacturers – there is no better proof of quality.  Find the factory that suits your products best!
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Why choose Matchory PRO?


Huge database

Get access to our database with more than one million manufacturers.

Competitor check

Screen all your factories and see which other brands already work with them.

Verified Information

In-depth information about factories help you to identify real manufacturers

Specialized Factories only

Our software shows verified information about a manufacturers specialization.

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Find the best manufacturers. Sourcing has never been easier!

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