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Use our inquiry form to send us your product information. This form gives us all the information we need to find your most suitable supplier. Our sourcing experts are available to assist you at any time.


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According to the information you have provided, we compare 1.5 million suppliers using our data analysis. We identify the factories that specialize in your product and best meet your product needs. Simply order samples with Matchory.


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Matchory organizes the sample production for you. Our experts on site take care of everything, from shipping to factory communication. We even negotiate your prices. Take advantage of the factories' trust in us, which leads to the best prices. Price and quality are what a good product is all about.


Review your samples and choose your production partner.

Choose your favourite sample and make the final adjustments. Once you are happy, we will place your production in the factory of your choice. We manage all your production on site. From the early quality control to the organisation of your product packaging.


Start your high quality production.

Stay in contact with us during the entire production process. Our team takes care of the communication. In the meantime, we organize and plan the shipment of your goods.


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We organize the shipment of your products to your front door or your logistics partner. By merging the shipping of different goods, we are able to get the cheapest shipping options for you.

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