Lion Man

Museum Ulm

The task was to make the lion man as a replica in half size. The result is sold in the museum shop.

Hand-painted figure with packaging design

Our service

1. Understand the product

First we sat down with the Museum Ulm and talked about the different requirements of the replica, and prepared a briefing.

2. Find the perfect supplier

With the help of our data-based search engine we searched for manufacturers who are specialized in the production of high-quality figures.

3. Arrange the production.

During the whole process we are in constant contact with the manufacturer and are available for problems and questions for customer and manufacturer.

The Lion Man from Ulm

The origin of art

The Lion Man was discovered inside the Hohlenstein-Stadel cave in the Lone valley near Ulm. Carved from the tusk of a mammoth 40,000 years ago, the ivory figurine combines features of a cave lion with human attributes. This makes the Lion Man one of the oldest and largest sculptures of Ice Age art and the earliest image of a mythical creature in the world.

Point of Sale:  Museumshop



100% handmade

Each figure is unique, hand cast and painted. This leads to minimally different results and a precise briefing of the manufacturer.

Quality management

Through manual work, a very precise observation and accompaniment of the production is necessary to achieve a perfect result for the customer. 

Seperated shipping

So that the customer could start selling the figures in time, we organized the shipping of the first batch separately.


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