The Sourcing Revolution

Transparent supply chains lead to higher quality and more sustainable production.

The processing of large amounts of data supported by deep learning and artificial intelligence revolutionizes the existing procurement process. This enables optimum suppliers to be identified within the shortest possible time and generates major competitive advantages. Be a part of it!
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Matchory Sourcing

Matchory offers a database that allows you to find the most suitable suppliers for your product wihtin a few minutes. It saves you time, risks and cost at a high production quality.

Backed by Big Data

We own data on every well-known factory, its products and former customers, including those not represented on other platforms. We know which product your manufacturer specializes in. Compare all manufacturers at once.

Verified factory information


Factory Rating

Our rating is 100% based on verified in-depth information on over 1,5 million factories. 

Client Information

Find out which customers a manufacturer already supplies with which products. It's the best way to evaluate the quality of a manufacturer. 

Product Focus

Find out which product a supplier specializes in and which products he mainly sells. Specialized suppliers deliver the best products at the best conditions.

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Automated factory comparison





The manual factory comparison allows only a few of the potential factories to be included. Automated comparison allows thousands of factories to be compared simultaneously.




The manual selection of suppliers is based on subjective perception and the suppliers' self-information. Matchory interprets >300 million data records of historical and verified factory information. 




Manual evaluation is very time-consuming and offers only a few starting points. Our supplier evaluation gives very precise information about the specialization of a factory on a product. 




Our result is 100% verified and gives you more security, a higher sourcing quality in less time and saves costs. Start from the very beginning with promising production partners.
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Save ressources.


Save 95% Sourcing Time

Automated sourcing saves you up to 95% of sourcing time. Find immediately what your are looking for.

Lower Production costs

Working directly with specialized suppliers saves an average of 35% in production costs.

High Quality Suppliers

Work with leading manufacturers that offer the highest production standards and highly reduce your risks.
"Matchory's suggested manufacturer offered the same quality as our current supplier at only half the price."
Christoph Holbein
Managing Director Sport Sohn Handel GmbH & Co. KG

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