Problems brands face without Matchory.

Luke wants to produce customized backpacks.

„With thousands of factories out there to choose from, it‘s overwhelming to try to find the one that suits our product!“

„It‘s really hard to find a suitable factory out of thousands“

3000 pc leather / nylon 12,50$ / pc
  • 10.000.000 +

    factories worldwide

  • 1000 +

    possible factories

  • 10

    suitable factories

  • 1

    we find the best.

  • data-sourcing
    Verified data

    Many suppliers pretend to be factories but work as traders. We know the real ones.

  • time-sourcing
    Save time

    It takes months of searching to find a suitable factory, even for professionals. We‘ve reduced it from months to minutes.

  • cost-sourcing
    Less costs

    Middlemen and sourcing agencies cost your company lots of money. We take them out.

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What makes matchory different?

Automated factory comparison

We have data on every well-known factory, its products and former customers, including those not represented on other platforms. We know which product your manufacturer specializes in. Matchory compares ALL manufacturers at once and evaluates them exactly according to the requirements of our customers. You can even tell us your favorite brand and we can identify the factory that produces for it.

Let's find your most suitable supplier within minutes

Pricing Table

Factory List
We find your most suitable factories
  • We find the world's best factories based on your individual request
  • Get a list with 3 to 10 factories, depending on your product
  • We identify your favourite brand's manufacturer
  • We identify the factory's former clients
  • We only send you factories that specialize in your product
  • Includes a free consultation interview

Push your brand. We find your factory.

How does Matchory work?

  • form-sourcing
    Inquiry form.

    Tell us your production requirements.

  • search-sourcing
    Automated search.

    We automatically compare all major factories worldwide.

  • Introduction-sourcing
    Factory List.

    Receive a list of the world’s best factories.

  • Guided-sourcing
    Simple process.

    We can manage your price negotiations, sampling, production & delivery.

it has never been so easy.

How does Matchory pick the best factories?

  • Mio-Datasets-sourcing
    > 100 Mio Datasets.

    There are over 100 million suppliers in the world.

  • Comparison-sourcing

    We identify all factories that specialize in your product.

  • Selection-sourcing

    We rank these factories by your production requirements.

  • Best-match-sourcing
    Best factory.

    Work with the world's best factories.

We find the perfect manufacturer for any product.

our vision.

Breaking down "barriers to entry"

Our vision is to offer small companies the same production opportunities only multinationals have today. By automating the global factory search and streamlining the purchasing process, Matchory lowers professional procurement costs to a minimum, making great productions possible for every company.

We will make your idea come true.

what our customers say.

  • Basar-sourcing
    Başar Caniperk, Founder of and FBA Expert

    „Thumbs up for Matchory! The quality of our products is our top priority. Matchory has found an outstanding manufacturer for us and handled the entire production process. This allowed us to concentrate on sales and marketing and also saved a lot of costs. Thank you!“ (Matchory Beginner)

  • Christoph-Holbein-sourcing
    Christoph Holbein, Sport Sohn Handel GmbH & Co.KG

    „Matchory‘s suggested manufacturer offered the same quality as our current supplier at only half the price. Of course we are looking forward to working with Matchory in the future!“ (Matchory Pro)

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our team.

Sourcing. Coding. Design. Management.

We are a highly qualified international team with strengths that connect and consolidate the global markets. Our know-how is found in international production and trade, as well as academic research in the field of big data and database architectures, lead users and design thinking. From day one, we are concentrating on building a successful and unique team by having fun working together and developing the future.

  • Aiko-Wiegand-sourcing
    Aiko Wiegand

    M.Sc. Industrial Engineering TU Darmstadt

  • Martin-Konradi-sourcing
    Martin Konradi
    Software Engineering

    Dipl. Comm. Informatics FU Berlin

  • Nils-Liskien-sourcing
    Nils Liskien
    Design, Strategy & UX

    B.A. Industrial Design FH Joanneum Graz

  • Ray Xiao Sourcing
    Ray Xiao

    B.Sc. Business English & Int. TradePingxiang College

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