Verified Factory Data

> 300 million records of verified factory information provide insight into a manufacturer's experience and specialization in a particular product. Specialized manufacturers offer the best quality and the best prices.

Production Experience

We have data on most of the factories worldwide. We know which product a manufacturer mainly sells and who their customers are. We even know if customers are satisfied and place repeat orders.

Former customers

Knowing the former customers of a manufacturer helps us to find out the quality standards and the specialization of a manufacturer on a certain product.

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Verified Factories Only

Each production partner has been extensively authorized by us based on verified data. Work with experienced and professional manufacturers who specialize in your product.

Bypass Middlemen

Your security is extremely important to us. Our data cannot be distorted. Middlemen raise prices and make communication more difficult. Work directly with experienced manufacturers!

Save time and costs

Automated sourcing saves you up to 95% of sourcing time and an average of 35% on production costs. Find the real manufacturers with Matchory!
"Matchory's suggested manufacturer offered the same quality as our current supplier at only half the price."
Janosch Vongehr
Online Seller
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