By Samuel Kempf

"With Matchory, I was able to turn my innovation into serial production. The product is exactly what I wanted it to be".


Samuel Kempf - Innovator and owner of the backrelease


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There are many suppliers that pretend to be manufacturers but work as traders. We know the real ones.


Find the best


Unnecessary middlemen reduce your flexibility and product quality. We take them out.


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It takes months of searching to find a suitable factory, even for professionals. We‘ve cut it from months to minutes.


About the Backrelease.


Multifunctional massage device in trouser pocket size



"Developed in collaboration with a team of physiotherapists, with a focus on preventive training, movement and sports physiotherapy."


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Innovative product.


It's a lot harder to find high quality manufacturers for innovative products as there are no references available.

Complex Communication.


Innovative products require precise and targeted communication. Our experts take care of the efficient handling of productions.

Small quantities.


Small quantities further complicate the search for trusted manufacturers. Based on our verified data, we find the best manufacturers.


From sample to delivery


We accompany your custom production from finding the best manufacturer up to the delivery to you.


High product quality.


We identify the best manufacturers for your custom product using reliable manufacturer information.


Professional production support


Our procurement experts help you to communicate, negotiate and place your individual production.


Start your custom production today!

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