How we work

We know that purchasing high-quality products is far too complicated. Beginning with the time-consuming selection of suitable manufacturers up to the unstructured handling of production processes. That's why we've founded Matchory. Over the past 4 years we've developed a revolutionary tool that automates the comparison of over 2 Mio manufacturers simultaneously. We save our clients up to 90% on sourcing ressources, while achieving better sourcing results. Our algorithms find perfectly suitable manufacturers based on verified information.

Data-driven sourcing

Having automated the sourcing process, Matchory identifies your most suitable manufacturer out of millions based on verified inside information. No more scam, verified factories only.


Verified inside information about manufacturers

We know exactly which product a manufacturer specialises in and which brands he has already worked with. There is no better proof for the quality of a manufacturer.


For any company size

It has always been our goal to made high-quality sourcing affordable for everyone. We want to make it easy for you to bring the best products to life. So we made high-quality sourcing affordable for everyone.


About us

We are a highly qualified international team with strengths that connect and consolidate the global markets. Our know-how is found in international production and trade, as well as academic research in the field of big data and database architectures, lead users and design thinking. From day one, we are concentrating on building a successful and unique team by having fun working together and developing the future.

Aiko Wiegand


Martin Konradi


Nils Liskien


Ray Xiao

Head of Procurement


Our Vision

Our vision is to offer all companies the same production conditions for high-quality products. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to achieve the best match between manufacturer and product.

Our Partners