Meet our creative team.


Aiko Wiegand


Nils Liskien


Martin Konradi


Ray Xiao

Head of Procurement

We are a highly qualified international team with strengths that connect and consolidate the global markets. Our know-how is found in international production and trade, as well as academic research in the field of big data and database architectures, lead users and design thinking. From day one, we are concentrating on building a successful and unique team by having fun working together and developing the future.


About us


When we decided to start Matchory in spring 2016, there was nothing else than a great idea and a big dream. We wanted to revolutionize the traditional sourcing process.
Let’s start from the beginning. We all had a passion for production, innovation and the Asian market. After producing goods for our own brands for many years, it became clear: It is very difficult to find specialized manufacturers. Since we had excellent production partners in our sport and lifestyle sector other brands were asking if we can arrange their productions as well. Of course we can. 
When these inquiries increased more and more we recognized the enormous potential in this industry. The dusty image of conventional sourcing agencies on the one hand, the shady and non-transparent factory listings on the other. It was pretty hard to find good factories. Especially in a short time. A problem that mainly affects smaller brands that do not have their own sourcing team on site and do not have any in-depth knowledge in this industry. We had a challenge. An automated, data-driven sourcing process that is able to identify the best manufacturers for each product without knowing them in advance. But how should this work?
We started researching and working on this tool day and night for almost one year. At the same time, the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy provided us with a government grant of 160,000USD for our idea. This gave us the opportunity to fully concentrate on the development. A solution was gradually built with which specialized factories can be found and compared within seconds based on verified manufacturer information. The first customer feedback was overwhelming and convinced us to constantly further optimize the algorithm. Companies around the world are now using our software and sourcing results. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Our journey continues - there is still a lot to do.